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High Stress/ Anxiety (no medical terms)


Tina Dauzat custom blend info etc.

ADHD ADD (No medical terms)

Trace Watkins custom blend

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Homework Helper Essential Oils & Safe dilution for Children

Homework Helper Essential Oils*Rosemary- (Rosmarinus officinalis ct. verbenone) Due to camphor content use a maximum of 1% dilution for topical use, and for children 2 years and older. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR WOMEN WHO ARE PREGNANT OR NURSING. Rosemary can be a, stimulating oil and should not be used @ Night. Jane Buckle, [...]

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My Favorite Facial Scrub Recipe!

  My Favorite Facial Scrub Recipe!I've scoured the web and read tons of reviews to find the best and simplest possible DIY face scrub ingredients..  So here it is!  Short, sweet & to the POINT!  I wanted it SIMPLE No long explanations.  No complicated formulas no crazy ingredients.  Just the results of research and quite [...]

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A Modern Apothecary

Welcome to your blog!We are rather new to blogging which is pretty much like talking... I guess... and well I'm certainly not new to that so here it goes!  Part of the process for a level II aromatherapy certification was that we write a 8-10 page paper relating to aromatherapy in some form or [...]

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