DIY Moisturizer for Problem Skin

DIY Moisturizer for Problem Skin

Honestly this recipe is so simple its ridiculous! I'll bet you have all 2 ingredients in your stash as we speak. I've literally sold tons of these boogers with amazing results.

Personal story time! IAs a teenager I thought OIL WAS THE ENEMY only to find out a millennia later that my skin NEEDS oil, at least the right kind of oil...  That's right!   We intentionally strip our skin of its natural oils causing dry, flaky, and even irritated skin.  For years I would slather alcohol on my face thinking that was the solution! UGH NO Why do we do this?  Because, we have blemish prone skin and its the thing to do right?

Not necessarily!

Yes yes its vital to wash your face to remove all the dirt, grime, makeup, sweat, etc. But its also important to moisturize moisturize moisturize!   

Instead of alcohol try this super simple recipe:

#1 - 2 oz. grapeseed oil (fresh as possible) take note: grapeseed oil has a short shelf life (1 year)

#2 - 15-20 d.p. Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula augustifolia)

When you suffer with acne, studies show you have skin oils which are deficient in a type of oil called linoleic acid. This is why using grapeseed oil can help – it’s linoleic high!

Lavender essential oil is a fantastic addition to your new moisturizer because not only is it antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory, but its skin healing too!

TIP:  After you make your blend go ahead and cook with whats left of the grapeseed oil; its great because of its high smoke point!  You don't want to keep the grapeseed oil too long bc of its short shelf life. (1year )  Chances are you will not need more for a while, and we don't want it to spoil!