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It's finally here! This gift set includes one shaving soap, one high-quality synthetic Rockwell shaving brush, this brush will not have an animal smell nor will it shed. Also included is a 3" glass bowl, all products are wrapped in a biodegradable leaf plate! 

Our 3 Butter Branch off Shaving Bar has twice the richness of lather, and a creamier texture.

  • Multi-use                           Doubles as a body soap!
  • No Chemicals                    No more burning/itching skin which is caused by artificial foaming agents, dyes, or synthetic fragrance
  • Economical                        Has lasted up to 12 months in previous trials! (being used as a face shaving bar only)
  • Premium Ingredients       We use Organic Grass Fed Tallow (Beef Fat) Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Kokum Butter, Shea butter and More!
  • Paid Forward                    Nearly all these ingredients come from trees , we decided long ago to pay that back by donating funds to plant a tree!
  • Naked Philosophy             No wrapping, No chemicals, No parabens = No landfills & No pollutants

We have tested various shaving brushes to give you the highest quality brush for your money.  We've tried badger, boar, horse, and synthetic!  This brush was hands down the best!  Soft as a badger brush, and designed to give you the best lather possible, this quality Rockwell shaving brush will give you NO Shedding NO animal cruelty and NO funky smell  Hi is a synthetic brush so there will be....   

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BRANCHOFF Bentonite Clay Detox n' Shave Soap is Made with pure Bentonite Clay which lathers nicely to give its user a smoother shave.  Known for its toxin absorbing qualities, this shaving bar is great for both Acne Prone Skin and Sensitive Skin. We've added not one or even two, but three different natural butters, so that your skin will not be left feeling dry, itchy, or irritated.  To use simply lather in hands and apply to area. For a dense lather place bar in a cup or bowl and build lather using a shaving brush whipping in circular motions for one to two minutes. The longer your brush is loaded will determine the density of the foam as well as the amount!  We like to keep the environment in mind, therefore, we do not add artificial foaming agents or Palm Oil to our bars. This shaving bar is great for men and women!

 Choose from 3 aromatherapy bars of soothing Lavender, cooling Peppermint or woody Cedarwood.

Peppermint: Clean, Fresh, Cool, & Minty like the Cologne of a Grasshopper that is for those Grasshoppers who wear cologne :P

Lavender: Sweet, Fresh, Herbaceous (smells like herbs), Calming, Soothing, Balancing to the mind, body, as well as the Skin.  Excellent for all skin types.

Cedarwood: Sweet, Woody Scented, Feels like walking through evergreens on a brisk morning.




Luxury Shave Gift-set

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