Lavender Helichrysum Healing Hand Salve

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BRANCHOFF lavender and helichrysum Soft hands salve and cuticle repair is reminiscent of a bright crisp lavender field; it can be used on ears, nose, fingers, toes, and anywhere in between.  Soft hands is similar to our Barefoot Bar, but with some slight adjustments.  This salve blend promotes quick absorption so you can get back to livin' life!  Great for those guys or gals who travel frequently whether by car, plane, train, or boat.  Hiking, biking, camping or fishing this little jar will go anywhere and everywhere, while keeping you smooth and moisturized. Forgot to pack a lip balm..? Fear not! Your Lavender helichrysm salve is so versatile you can use it anywhere on the body!  Take this little jar camping, and use it whenever, and wherever!

  • Zero Artificial Preservatives, Artificial Fragrance, or Dyes. 
  • Zero Toxins 
  • Multi-use- Our tribe has even told us it works on bug bites because of its beneficial ingredients like Helichrysum!
  • Multi-functional- Use it on lips, nose, hands, toes, and anywhere in-between!

 Made only with the purest & freshest ingredients and in small batches. We use natural preservatives like Beeswax and Vitamin E oil (gluten free) so your body is spared all chemical additives.  We put value in every step of the manufacturing process from start to finish; each product is manufactured by hand not by machine lending to creativity and care.  This recipe was blended by me, Sarah, a certified aromatherapist and tested only by friends and family. Most importantly, if you have any questions or suggestions please leave us a message on our facebook page  or our contact form.     

BRANCHOFF lavender and helichrysum Soft hands salve and cuticle repair is Great For: 

Campers, Hikers, Bikers, Outdoorsmen, Hunters, Fishers, Farmers, Gardeners, and even the Divas!  Its small size and Big results make his salve Great for all walks of life.  

Not intended for children under 2 years of age.  

 ***We make all of our products the old-fashioned way. Each batch is handcrafted using the purest all-natural ingredients. Additionally, we Do Not add preservatives, artificial colorants, or synthetic fragrance oils to our products. Every batch is made with your skin's health in mind -- no junk...just the goodness from nature. from weighing to mixing, cutting, curing, wrapping, labeling, and even testing we are behind it all. 


Product Reviews

Written by Teri Williams on May 11th 2020

Lavender hand salve

I can’t say how much I love this product. We use it not only on us but on our pitty pup Buck. He’s got skin issues that makes him super itchy and he gets hot spots because of it. Especially in his groin area. I started putting the salve on him and literally the next day he looked so much better. You can tell it gives him instant relief and not to mention he smells better too. I also love it’s all natural and safe for all of my babies and fur babies.