A Modern Apothecary

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We are rather new to blogging which is pretty much like talking... I guess... and well I'm certainly not new to that so here it goes!  

Part of the process for a level II aromatherapy certification was that we write a 8-10 page paper relating to aromatherapy in some form or fashion.  Are you kidding!  There was too much information, finding a topic proved to be the hardest part of the entire paper!  However, I did get through the ordeal and came up with

A Modern Apothecary

This is how it starts.........

"How can one practice aromatherapy, whose name in and of itself discloses a purpose which is presumed illegal?"           -Sarah Bernard

Definition- Aroma- a distinctive pervasive and usually pleasant or savory smell

Definition- Therapy- the treatment of physical or mental illnesses.

As emerging entrepreneurs in the growing arena of natural healing and body care products my husband and I started a company dedicated to providing the public with 100% natural , safe, and holistic skincare products.  We thought it pertinent that I become certified in aromatherapy to better understand how to choose pure unadulterated oils for our products, safely use these volatile oils, learn their benefits, and translate this knowledge to others while abiding by the law.  In the past years the FDA has not shown considerable attention to essential oils; however, as it happens my education was right in line with a regulatory pinch on the cosmetic/holistic community.  I find that responsible marketing is, as always, imperative, and in this particular case, a necessary change of direction within the holistic community.  Green, crunch, natural, organic, holistic, are all treating terms as can be seen in almost every economic avenue especially essential oils. As a blossoming aromatherapist, I intend to familiarize myself with alternative, and accurate terminology as set forth by the FDA; likewise, I intend to research essential oils that involve less risk as well as those that provide immune support through safe and effective modes of application.....