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Fall in love with that BRANCHOFF Beard!  If there is anything that needs a softer feel and a fresher smell it’s a beard!  What started out as a custom order ended up in both my husband and father's stocking one Christmas and they loved it!   

Jojoba oil specifically is the magic ingredient.  Used by Native Americans for many years, it’s nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and enhances the beard’s natural oils.  When you work branchoff beard oil through your beard and mustache, the hydration goes straight to the follicle, much like a conditioner does when you wash your hair.  That hydration keeps your facial hair healthy as it grows, but it also hydrates your skin, which doesn’t get a lot of attention under a beard. This helps to prevent beard flakes, which is what I call beard dandruff.

Fir for the Fur - Siberian Fir & Thyme supports the Respiratory System, is calming, and also immune supportive.


To use branch off Mega Moisture Beard Oil, pump one to two squirts into palm, then distribute over the fingers of both hands. Apply the oil on the skin under your beard, to start the hydrating process at the source.  Work the remaining oil through the rest of your beard and mustache. This is also a good time to give the beard a bit of a comb. How often you use beard oil might depend on the dryness of the climate and water hardness, but it could be from daily to every three days.

***We make all of our products the old-fashioned way. Each batch is handcrafted using the purest all-natural ingredients. Additionally, we Do Not add preservatives, artificial colorants, or synthetic fragrance oils to our products. Every batch is made with your skin's health in mind -- no junk...just the goodness from nature. from weighing to mixing, cutting, curing, wrapping, labeling, and even testing we are behind it all.

Each bottle weighs approximately 4 total ounces. with 1.75 oz nt. wt. of product

Crisp Evergreen Beard Oil

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Written by undefined on Jun 30th 2017


I love this stuff... it is not just for beards ladies, I use it on my legs as a moisturizer and it smells awesome.

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Almond Oil
Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Jojoba Wax
Vitamin E Oil
Eucaplyptus as natural preservative
Spearmint as natural preservative
Rosemary Oleoresin Extract as natural preservative