Barefoot Bar - Scentless

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BRANCHOFF barefoot bar for dry feet was a special request made by a close family member, having been a cattle farmer her whole life, needed something that would heal her cracked fingers & heels hence the name barefoot bar :) This is a NO NONSENSE once a day use bar no mittens, gloves, special socks needed.  Excellent for Dry Feet & Hands! 


Shower. Dry. Apply. Sit for 5 minutes. DONE!


 ***We make all of our products the old-fashioned way. Each batch is handcrafted using the purest all-natural ingredients. Additionally, we Do Not add preservatives, artificial colorants, or synthetic fragrance oils to our products. Every batch is made with your skin's health in mind -- no junk...just the goodness from nature. from weighing to mixing, cutting, curing, wrapping, labeling, and even testing we are behind it all.  We not only use mostly recycled materials like paper for packing. We recycle nearly all of our glass, plastic, and aluminum ingredient containers; less is more when it comes to Landfills my friends!



<Each Bars Weigh approximately 2.75 ounces>


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Product Reviews

Written by Laura on Jun 1st 2020

So easy, feet are happy!

This stuff is great for keeping my feet soft &amp; smooth. It&#039;s not messy since it&#039;s in a bar, and it&#039;s quick! Just smooth it over your feet, put on socks, and done! I really like that it&#039;s unscented--I don&#039;t need smells on my feet.

Written by Hannah McPherson on Oct 22nd 2018

Soothing and Comforting

First of all, I don&#039;t have dry feet. I just have very calloused feet that don&#039;t cause me any problems. When I first saw this, I thought that I&#039;d buy it for kicks, but when I started using it just the smell and feel of rubbing the bar on my feet was like a sort of therapy. It has also made them smoother! Just be sure that you stay off of your feet for a couple minutes or you&#039;ll end up with dirt all over them!

Written by Lisa Campbell Yancey on Feb 5th 2016


My husband is a diabetic and has very dry feet. He has bragged on this barefoot bar. I will never go without it and neither will he. This product makes my feet very smooth!!

Organic Cocoa Butter
Sweet Almond Oil
Organic Coconut Oil
Jojoba Wax & Local Beeswax
Gluten Free Vitamin E
Rosemary Oleoresin

Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter - Softens and lubricates and hydrates the skin improving flexibility. Unrefined Cocoa butter also contains antioxidants and acts as a natural preservative and is used to treat wrinkles. We use this butter to create the ulitmate moisturizing bar!

Organic Coconut Oil - Natively harvested because it is said to have the most skin rejuvenating properties of all coconut oils. Although the label says Barefoot Bar You can use this salve to soften hands, cuticles, knees and elbows or any other part of the body that needs the extra moisture. I find it really helpful to apply It immediately after my evening shower when my body is warm and the pores are open. Which is why these bars are made into blocks and not melted into the containers so that by holding it in your hands your body heat will soften the oils and spread easily over any area.

Jojoba Wax - Jojoba is not a true oil but a liquid wax. It is highly penetrating and closely resembles our skin's own natural sebum, because of this it makes for an excellent skin conditioner and moisturizer. This wax is molecularly stable and therefore acts as a natural preservative.

Local Beeswax - repels water acting as a natural seal holding moisture in.Beeswax has a very stable chemical make-up and its properties remain consistent over time making another natural preservative.