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Meet Davis voted Beard of the Year by YOU!

"Your awesome beard products traveled with Matthew recently to some pretty amazing places! The beard oil kept his beard soft in the dry climate of the Rocky Mountains. His eucalyptus soap was perfect after hiking in the Cascades of Oregon and taking in the salty sea air on the Pacific Northwest coast." - Amber Davis


Stephanie & Jackson Matthews together with a group of  20 volunteers  not only built a house, but also added a bathroom to another home, replaced a roof on another, and added electricity to yet one more!!   They also ministered to other homes in the mountains of Honduras .

Stephanie writes, "BRANCHOFF Nature's Mosquito Repellent kept the bugs off us in Copan Ruinas, Honduras.  We forgot to use it the first day and bugs kept getting on us.  The second day, after applying this oil, not one bug landed on us; they swarmed and went on."






  What Others are Saying

 "I have battled acne since a teen and not much has ever worked. I started using the clay facewash with activated charcoal and my skin began clearing up in just two days! I also swear by the barefoot bar, and my husband loves the dirty boy soap. Amazing products :) can't wait to try other items"


"I came across Branch Off at the Alexandria River Fete. My 13yr old son had been struggling with acne for over a year with no relief. We've tried every over the counter wash as well as department store brands. We even started seeing a dermatologist to try and get his acne under control. After seeing the derm we left the office with 3 months of antibiotics, an antibiotic face wash and a retinoid. I originally stopped at her booth because my daughter wanted to smell all the soaps and while there I noticed there was a basket of charcoal soaps for acne skin. I had heard about the benefits of charcoal on oily/acne skin and figured I'd give it a try. I can't tell you how much of a God send this little square of soap has been. My sons skin is not longer red or inflamed and within a week I noticed less and less breakouts. This soap has also helped out tremendously with his blackheads. I wish I would have found Sarah a year ago. I am a forever customer!"

"Also I should say my daughter and I love her soaps. They smell amazing and lather wonderfully! And I simply adore the Lavendar and Mint Chapstick! ❤️"

-Paula R. 

"I came across Branch Off at Denham Springs last Fall Festival & fell in love with this product. It's the Lavender & Chamomile Barefoot Bar. Originally it was bought for my dry cracked feet. It worked wonders on feet so I thought that I'd try it on one of my toes(big toe) which I have had a fungus (?) or something crazy going on with it. Nothing that I did nor tried putting on it like other meds. didn't ever work. You should see it now it's like night & day the difference. Finally after 10 plus years of trying to fix this ugly toe and summer with no sandals. I totally love it now I've got my husband using it on he's feet. We are on can # 2 wanting more!!!" 


"I've only used a few products so far, but I have no complaints about any of them. The Barefoot Bar is my favorite - it is truly amazing! I could tell a big difference after a few days, but after a few weeks, I had completely different skin. I couldn't believe it! Way better than any store-brought product I've ever tried. I highly recommend Branchoff. The products are great and the customer service is even better!" -Amy M

"Came across BranchOff at Cotile Trade Days..I have a bit of an addiction to handmade soap so I had to buy something. I bought several things but my absolute favorite is the active charcoal face soap and the Nature's healing facial butter. I have been using them together. My face had cleared up after just a few days of use and still no new breakouts. I normally have oily skin and was a little hesitant about the facial butter being overwhelming but it is just perfect. It hydrated, calms and leaves my skin feeling so soft. It also worked wonders on my ball field sunburn! These products are not like your ordinary handmade soap products-if you are thinking of trying them and you haven't you really should!"
 -Nicole M.
"The sweet mint hand salve I picked up last month at the Fete has helped my cuticles immensely. I tend to pick at them as a nervous habit and a little bit of this before bedtime and it's almost as if they heal overnight. I'll definitely be trying some more products soon!"
  -Jessica A.
"Love BRANCHOFF!!! Best mosquito oil repellent I've ever bought!!! Smells great and works great!! We've been in the deep woods camping 4 or 5 times now this Summer, and we didnt get the first bite from anything after applying the oil!!! Love it and won't be without it from now on!!"
-Marilyn P
"We were at the Franklin Catfish Festival in Winnsboro this past spring 2016 and purchased some mosquito repellant for our Honduras trip this summer. It worked! Best purchase ever."
Jackson & Stephanie M
"OMG!!! Hands down I have found my favorite soaps! Love the scents and the lather that they have. Also love the chapstick"
-Cheri L.
"Great products handmade by a great lady! Awesome to have in our community!"
-Megan F.
"Absolutely love the Chapstick and the Facial Butter!"
-Sarah D.
"We have tried just about all of the local handmade soaps (60 mile radius) of Alexandria and BRANCHOFF soaps are by-far the best.   We love that they don't have any artificial fragrance like others do, because essential oils don't have that.  They aren't needed!  The soaps smell wonderful and our skin feels more nourished and healthier than ever.  Of course, we are hooked!  Thank-you!"
-Shelley and Mark S.
"My son and I both love your lip balm. And I love that I'm planting a tree with each purchase. Looking forward to trying more of your products in the future!"
-Beverly LeBouf



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